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Masthead Studios addresses player concerns over Earthrise combat pacing

James Egan

Earthrise is the first massively multiplayer online game from Masthead Studios. This being their premiere release in a competitive industry, player expectations of Earthrise seem to run the gamut from excited to skeptical. Masthead Studios recently showed a brief game video depicting the game's combat system which led to some prospective players voicing concerns over the pace of combat and cooldown of weapons.

Masthead Studios responded to these concerns, stating: "One of these things we are doing behind the scenes at present is fine-tuning the combat as a whole to make it faster and better. You'll no doubt notice this means things will be faster as you experience them for yourself than initially demonstrated. We may slow things down a little bit in our demos and footage for illustrative purposes on occasion to highlight systems and features, though, but this is nothing to worry about."

The developers have posted this note to the Earthrise community on the game's site, where the prospective players are currently weighing in with their views.

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