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Philips SBD7000, SBD8100 iPod docks get the hands-on treatment


It may not stand out from the crowd quite as much as some iPod docks, but Philips' rotating SBD7000 speaker dock should still turn a few heads, and keep you entertained for at least a few minutes as you spin and tilt your iPod to your heart's content. Apart from that somewhat nifty feature, however, the $120 dock is expectedly pretty standard fare, with it including cradles for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPod nano 4G, a four-AA battery compartment to let you take it out on the road and, well, not much else. Those looking for a little something extra can also opt for Philips' $150 SBD8100 model (pictured after the break), which employs a more standard horizontal design but adds a motorized rotating dock to its bag of tricks.

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