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Rumorong: No Ghostbusters demo crossing streams with Blu-ray movie

Jason Dobson

We're ain't afraid to tell you that rumors of a demo for Ghostbusters being packaged with the upcoming Blu-ray version of the film can be safely locked away in an Ecto-Containment Unit (or the nearest parallel dimension). A recent listing by online retailer ShopTo.Net excited some by listing a demo among the movie's features. However, Atari reps busted our hearts, saying simply "there will be no demo for Ghostbusters: The Video Game on the Blu-ray disc."

It's worth mentioning, however, that the retailer in question is rooted in the UK while the PR person we spoke with was US-based. So there is a slim possibility that differences exist in how the movie will be packaged in the different regions, or perhaps ShopTo.Net is bundling the demo itself as part of some special promotion. Again, unlikely, though the store tells Joystiq that based on our inquiry it is checking with its suppliers and will "update the website accordingly if it's not going to be included."

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