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The Daily Grind: Got Champions Online questions?

Kyle Horner

We've done three features packed to the brim with information about Champions Online's beta, but we'd like to answer some of your questions directly. So, if you were unable to find an answer to that niggling question of yours, this is the place to ask it! Today is recording day for the Massively Speaking podcast, and this particular blogger will be on the show answering as many of your questions as possible -- at least until Shawn Schuster kicks him off in a fit of rage.

In case you hadn't seen them yet, we covered character creation, combat intricacies and the first five levels of the game experience. Still, we're quite sure that many of you have burning questions yet to be answered. Just promise us you won't ask us to pick a favorite power framework, because that's just too hard a choice for anyone to make.

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