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Vertigo tumbles into retail June 16


We haven't heard about Playlogic's Vertigo, the weird racing/Monkey Ball/labyrinth game, at all since last September. Today, Playlogic announced that the Balance Board-compatible "futuristic racing puzzle game" will be available on PC and Wii June 16. In a weird coincidence, this "futuristic racing puzzle game" will come out the same day as Let's Tap, Sega's "future tapping game" for Wii.

This trailer reminds us of a 3D Marble Madness more than Monkey Ball, with its future theme and precision jumping, but even that doesn't quite capture it. The levels seem a lot longer and more platformer-like.

Vertigo also features four multiplayer modes: "Time Trial, Xorb Football, Death Match, and 10-pin Xorb bowling," as well as single-player time trials. For our own sake, we hope that the time trial grades you on how quickly you fall off the side.


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