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2K Marin says Rapture is key to BioShock, promises more characters

Justin McElroy

We weren't positive we wanted the first return to Rapture in BioShock 2, but it apparently wasn't a tough decision to keep the series underwater. In an interview with OXM, 2K Marin creative director Jordan Thomas said, "We feel that Rapture is so core to BioShock it has to feature in some form. It's one of the characters we don't want to let go."

OK, fair enough. But Thomas went on to undermine our confidence, saying, "With BioShock 2 we're actually going to make sure that you have some strong and unforgettable encounters with unspliced characters that you can develop genuine empathy for, who will not be trying to hide their face from the camera."

You know the problem with BioShock? ... Too isolated.
We can't wait to meet Loony Lou, Rapture's top comedian. "What's that, Lou? You know the secret combination to get into Laugh-a-porium's cafeteria? But you want to come along and be my hilarious sidekick? Deal."

[Via CVG]

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