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Agilent readies first automated WirelessHD test system


The biggest question about all that wirelessly connected AV equipment coming our way in the near future (other than how much extra will it cost) is how well it will all work together and under what conditions. Agilent says its CTS-1000 automated test system is up to the task of sorting things out for WirelessHD hardware, measuring frequency, power, bandwidth error rate and other stats to make sure equipment makes the 60 GHz grade before its stamped with the WiHD logo. Pictured above is just one piece of the system, the Infinium 90000A Series Oscilloscope, a better look at things can be had for an easy $350,000 - $500,000, depending on setup, available now for early implementers (we assume Panasonic has one) and June 1 for everyone else.

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