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All of the smash hits in Guitar Hero: Smash Hits


After a weird fan voting initiative through which fans chose the order in which Guitar Hero: Smash Hits tracks would be revealed, Activision has finally just given IGN the whole set list. Specifically, for those of you who have already been following along with the reveals, that means that the tracks from Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the '80s and Guitar Hero: Aerosmith have been added to the list. Hey, for the '80s tracks, it's a Guitar Hero Encore Encore!

The selection from the Aerosmith game suggests that it may not be Activision's favorite among the back catalog of Guitar Hero games. In fact, Aerosmith's going to be cryin' when they see that only one song from the band made the cut. Check the full track listing at IGN to see which song it is! (It's not "Cryin'.")

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