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Guildwatch: Cleared for good

Mike Schramm

Ulduar is finding its match in many guilds this week -- more than a few folks are heading into the new content and making it their own. But here at GW, we appreciate all clears -- whether your guild is just starting out in Naxx, has finally cleared the place out like the ragtag group of raiders above, or is taking down progression content in Ulduar, a down is a down. Grats no matter what you're completing.

Lots of drama and recruiting in this week's column, too, as always. And you can see your guild here in the future, too -- our new address is, so send along some news if you've got it.


  • Cheshire Cats of Sisters of Elune-A recently celebrated their fourth birthday in late April. They've even survived a server transfer and some drama, but they've stayed a small and happy roleplaying guild. We heard they had a fun get-together in the Pig and Whistle -- congrats on the anniversary, and hope the event went well!
  • Tre Konor on EU Kilrogg broke up, and the drama meter is all over the place. Things pick up around page 6 -- we have no idea what actually happened to TK, but there's a nice bit of squabbling over Alliance firsts on the server and who really deserves them.
  • Once again, we don't really do ninjas here anymore unless they're guild-related, but this one makes the cut. The blue drake dropped for The Unleashed during an EoE run, and the guild had issues looting it, so they passed it off to Tyrennis, with the understanding that he would give it to whoever won the roll. You can guess what happened after that. Tyrennis left the guild to join another, and never gave up the mount, and now he's defiant about it. And for the sweet icing on the cake, we hear that Tyrennis also was responsible for breaking up Grim Reapers, and that he's been in about five other guilds. What a guy.
  • Silent Redemption, who have appeared many times in our Downed section, have apparently bitten the dust over on Feathermoon. And guess why -- the guild's leader Luklin, was apparently a great guy, until his girlfriend Hoku started trying to take over. The rest comes out in the thread -- loot councils that are less than fair, and lots of /gkicks and drama. Good times, indeed.
  • One of our tipsters got kicked from Butchers of Azeroth on Norgannon for raiding out-of-guild. Apparently he showed up late to a guild one night (half an hour to an hour late), and didn't bother asking for an invite, since the raid was already on. But when he then joined a PuG for two bosses (since he figured his guild's train had already left the station for that week), and had an achievement pop up, he got a /gkick and even an /ignore. Harsh? No? Sure, he probably should have showed up for the raid, but it also sounds like he didn't know the rules were so strict, which the guild maybe should have told him ahead of time.
  • Strateiva on Dath'Remar had a fun bit of drama recently -- the GM accused one of the guild's officers of being lazy and never helping put together invites for raids. He responded on the forums that she was a bad guild leader, and then she decided to /gkick away. He formed his own guild, Scrubs, and apparently asked everyone in the old guild to quit and join him. And whoops -- even the people who he had previously not invited to the raid for poor performance. Beggars, we guess, can't be choosers.
  • Ninja drama that turns into guild drama: the GM of ShadowRiders on Stormscale apparently tells his raiders to deliberately ninja from PuGs. Well, that's not entirely true -- he says he just doesn't care. Also, he says a lot of other funny things. And he calls his guildies "vassals." Which is extra funny.
  • Wow, it's been a while since we've seen a recruitment thread devolve into a flame war as fast as this one. Thanks, Inevitable on Feathermoon!
  • Kindred on Cenarius (which is actually the guild that I'm a member of) cleared out Naxx! Woot go team go! Plus, I didn't even pull any bosses accidentally by hitting Arcane Shot when I really meant to hit Hunter's Mark. This week, anyway.
  • Dark Glare of EU The Sha'tar ended the first week of Ulduar by killing their 10th Ulduar boss on Heroic. That means they're holding as number one guild on the server. Nice job!
  • Phoenix Fury of Elune picked up "For the Alliance" on a guild fun night, along with about 37 Black War Bears. They're raiding everything else as well, including Ulduar 10-man. Special thanks, they say, to Ragon on the server -- he's been attacking the Horde every week since achievements starts, and has earned about 790 war bears (!).
  • Fallen on Nesingwary has already downed 3D Sarth on 10 and 25 man, and picked up their Plagued Proto-Drakes before the patch. In Ulduar, they've been rocking it: 6/14 on the first week, and one more the next in 25-man. In the 10-mans, they're dropping 11/14, and probably more since they sent us the message. Very excellent!
  • In Real Life on Dawnbringer downed Malygos on both normal and Heroic.
  • Guardians of Fate has rallied after some BC drama, dropping Naxx, OS, and EoE in both Heroic and Normal modes. They then lost some officers, but we're told are now back to business -- they're recruiting for Ulduar and the future.
  • Necropolis on Gnomeregan was formed from the ashes of a guild bank ninja, and they're doing great -- they've downed normal and Heroic Naxx, Sarth and Malygos, and even stepped into Ulduar to kill Razorscale. Grats!
  • Is Being Repressed on the Muradin Realm downed 6/14 in Heroic Ulduar in their first week and even received a Fragment of Val'anyr! Woot.
  • Courageous on Blackhand formed a few weeks ago and has downed most of Naxx-10, including Sapphiron. Kel'Thuzad is on notice, if he isn't dead already. They're also looking for prepared raiders to join a "friends and family" guild that's casually progressing through Wrath content.
  • The Dragons of the East on Executus has been trying to rev back up to raiding speed, and they're getting there: Patchwerk and Grobbulus down along with a few other wings, and Gluth and the rest on notice. Good luck!
  • Brotherhood of Golgotha on Dragonblight has finished off Naxx, VoA, Sarth, and Flame Leviathan. They're a group of friends who have fun raiding together, and it sounds like they're doing great.
  • Übermenschen on Frostmane finally cleared Naxx-10. The majority of the raid members had never seen Sapphiron, but they one-shotted him. Very nice. Malygos is on notice.
  • Tide of War on Thunderlord has completed the first 4 bosses of Ulduar so far. They've done Flame Leviathan with 1 tower up, Ignis, Razorscale, and Deconstructor. And they're specifically a 10-man guild -- they have 10 people who raid, and they're working on the content together. Cool.
  • Rexxar's Cult of Shadows is proud to report that both night and morning raid groups full-cleared Naxx the other week. They're also actively recruiting, specifically interested in DPS classes and builds, though other players are welcome to apply. Malygos is on notice, and the new Vault boss might get his too.
  • The Chaotic Band on Area 52 downed Flame Leviathan, Razorscale, and XT-002, all on their first night in Ulduar. Pretty rad.
  • Thieves Carnival (Arathor-H) dropped Thaddius, one shotted Saph, then moved on and then cleared out 25-man with a KT down. Then, for good measure, they tried OS +1 and beat that, too. They're heading into Ulduar soon, and are seeking healers, especially Druids, a tank or two, and some caster DPS to fill out both 10 and 25-man groups.
  • Dusk til Dawn (server?) is recruiting all classes and roles other than Death Knights, "since you can't turn around and not bump into one of those damn things." They're a casual raiding guild with no raid atttendance requirement, Suicide Kings for loot, and everybody has to have a mature and winning attitude. If you can't handle a wipe, "this isn't your bus stop."
  • Knights of Ancient War on Arathor-A is a casual, social, and mature guild that's recruiting for tanks and healers to build up a roster for 10-mans. They also run Wintergrasp, fish together, and just generally help each other and have a great time. Let them know if you're interested in joining, but beware: they "interview" by running through Violet Hold with you.
  • No Vacancy on Drenden is recruiting to fill out the roster for 25-mans. They're working through Ulduar right now -- have downed Flame Leviathan, and now need a Holy/Disc Priest, Tree healers, a DPS Warrior and a DPS Shammy. Best candidates will be able to make raids regularly. Other classes are open depending on needs -- tanks are definitely not needed right now.
  • Lost Refugees on Area 52-A is a casual guild that values honor, friendship, trust, and loyalty. They aren't in a rush to level or progress -- they're just a group of friends that like to hang out and chat with each other. All levels and classes are accepted, and they don't believe in forcing people to play what they don't want to, so you won't even have to change spec to join. Look up the website or see them in game if you want to join up.
  • Eyes Unveiled is a casual 10-man guild on Sentinels-H that is looking for like-minded folks to join up for Naxx and OS, and eventually Eye of Eternity and Ulduar. All levels and classes are welcome, but it'll be even better if you're level 80 and ready to raid. They're drama-free, and start and end raids on time, so if you want to take a nice dip in the endgame, they're the guild for you.
  • NEED A DISPENSER HERE on Darkspear-H is a semi-serious raid guild working though Ulduar. They've downed everything pre-3.1 and so far this week have gotten Emalon on 10/25, Flame Leviathan and Razorscale on 25-man, and... *deep breath* Flame Leviathan, Razorscale, Ignis, XT, Assembly, Kologarn, Auriya, Hodir, Freya and Thorim down on 10-man. That's a lotta bosses! They're currently accepting a solid DPS and select few healers (mainly Paladins) at their website.
  • Pinnacle on Nagrand (Oceanic) is currently looking to recruit an experienced and mature Paladin or Shaman raid healer for Ulduar raids. They're serious about content progression but understanding of adult commitments outside the game.
  • Wrath Reborn on Drenden is looking for experienced and capable raiders to have fun in Ulduar, specifically healers and a handful of DPS. They focus on veterans, but if you're a rookie who's serious about getting good, they'll give you a look as well.
  • Broken Faith on Warsong is recruiting. They are a PvE raiding guild starting Ulduar. And they even have a short recruitment video.
That's it for GW this week. And guys, if you do send a tip in, seriously, look at the column: give me the basics, clean and clear. Don't send me two pages of text all about the history of your guild, because I don't need it, and I'm only going to throw it away anyway. The clearer and simpler the tips you send, the quicker we can get more guilds in here, and the better we'll get through the backlog. Especially recruiting -- oh man, lots of guilds are recruiting lately.

Until next week, happy raiding!

That not enough guild news for you? There's lots more Guildwatch in the archives, including an honest-to-goodness /gkick contract, and lots of red-handed bank looting. Wherever people /gquit or are /gkicked, that's where you'll find GW!

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