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Microsoft lays off 28 percent of Massive


It seems as though the reports coming in this morning regarding Microsoft layoffs at its in-game advertising department, Massive, were more than a tad overstated. A Microsoft spokesperson, as well as Cassandra Nuttall, head of marketing at Massive, confirmed to us this afternoon that, "In total, the Massive business unit will see a headcount reduction of 28 percent."

Earlier today we reported that a variety of outlets, relying on "anonymous sources," were told that the layoffs at Massive were as high as 75 percent. "While yesterday's job eliminations included full-time employees who work for Massive," the spokesperson told us, "the reports of a 75 percent workforce reduction are inaccurate." Citing the "global economic downturn" for the staff cuts, Ms. Nuttall also insures us that the company "foresee[s] no disruption whatsoever [in its] current relationships with global, blue chip brands and leading game publishers." To those of you laid off, we wish you the best in the coming months.

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