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New HAWX DLC revealed (again)

Ubisoft has revealed new DLC for Tom Clancy's HAWX is on the way, but some might call the announcement old news. When Ubisoft sent us images of its first DLC pack -- titled European Assault -- last month, it also attached two additional folders of aircraft images; one labeled US Eagles and the other marked Russian Falcons. At the time, deductive reasoning told us the two folders were hints at future DLC; today our theories were proven to be correct.

The US Eagles DLC for Tom Clancy's HAWX is set to hit the Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Store tomorrow. The pack will set ace pilots back 400 / $4.99 and includes five aircraft variations, from the sleek and stealthy A-12 Avenger to the battle hardened F-4 Phantom II (pictured). Now, we eagerly await the release details for the Russian Falcons DLC.

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