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Report: Rupert Murdoch forms global team, looks into hardware for content revenue stream

Ross Miller

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In case you didn't think Rupert Murdoch was serious about e-book readers before, The Daily Beast has it from its sources that the News Corp mogul has assembled a global team, with members hailing form London, New York, and Sydney, to find some way to better monetize / charge for online content. Unsurprisingly, that leads to hardware and possibly creating a more "user-friendly way" to deliver content that'll incentivize consumers to pay -- Kindle does it, Hearst wants to do it, so why not the world's biggest media conglomerate? As for the mythical device itself, let's recap what we've heard so far, from the man himself: a bigger screen than Amazon's now-antiquated models, a four-color pallette, and"you can get everything there." Now how about putting a name to the manufacturer, hm?

[Via Electronista]

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