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Skullcandy intros Decibel Collection headphones for the young, hip, and colorblind

Laura June

We thought that Skullcandy might not be able to top its Special Edition Metallica Death Magnetic headphones in terms of aesthetic loudness, but we were apparently mistaken. The company's just launched its vast Decibel (dB) Collection, a wide range of wildly styled, Limited Edition "high performance" cans that take design up to eleven, to say the very least. With customizable lines including Big Slick, Vibe, Dream Team, Lurker, Catfight, Audiophile, and Illustrative, it's safe to say that Skullcandy will probably have whatever it is you're looking for in headphones... as long as what you're looking for is truly insane. Hit the read link to check out the myriad designs.

[Via Coolest Gadgets]

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