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Sonim's ultra-beefy XP3.20 coming to the US this summer

Chris Ziegler

The launch date for a US version of Sonim's mighty XP3 toughphone has been a bit of a moving target for a while now, but it looks like we might finally have a firm date. According to Sonim's CEO, the XP3.20 -- a tweaked version of the original XP3 that features better talk time, better survivability, and 850MHz GSM for North American use -- will be launching this summer on rural US carriers, even conveniently coming packaged in a crush- and water-resistant box that you'll want to keep for... you know, things you want to keep dry and uncrushed. It likely won't be cheap, but if you're looking for something that meets the mega-rugged IP67 standard -- as opposed to the IP57 seal usually displayed by these kinds of phones -- this is your ticket to ride. No guarantees, but it might be available in an unlocked version, too, so start saving your dirty, wet, partially destroyed dollar bills.

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