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Sony publishing Ghostbusters in Europe, PSP version resurrected [update]

Jem Alexander

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has announced that it will be publishing Ghostbusters in Europe this June, meaning that the game is now a PS3 and PS2 exclusive in the region. Not only that, but the rumored and debunked PSP version has also been confirmed for release later this autumn. The PS3 and PS2 versions are currently set for a June 19 debut.

Eurogamer has confirmed with Atari that the deal is for timed exclusivity on Sony platforms, with all other versions being released "later in the year." It's certainly a strange move on Atari's part, especially when limiting their potential consumer base is being called "maximizing the launch of the Ghostbusters videogame across Europe" by Atari's VP of Worldwide Marketing. Pushing non-Sony versions further towards or, even worse, into Q4 won't do the 360, Wii and DS versions any favors.

Update: Atari US has clarified its publishing plans for the North American region. The 360, PS3, Wii and DS versions will all be released in the US on June 16, as previously announced. The PSP version will be released worldwide in Autumn.

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