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Bakugan: Battle Brawlers screens roll out for Wii and DS

Kevin Kelly

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You know you're old when there's a whole phenomenon sweeping the world that you've never heard about. Just like Tamagotchi, Pokémon and countless amounts of Pogs that have come before it, the latest collectible gaming craze aimed at the elementary school is Bakugan, where you do battle on cards with balls. That's right, balls. Apparently more than 55 million of these suckers have been sold already and it won Toy of the Year last year. Blink!

Activision is readying a video game version for the Wii and DS later this year, and we've got some of the first screens from the ball-rolling battler. There's actually a neat little mechanic in the real version, featuring magnets that cause your ball to pop open into a little fighting creature or robot when you roll it over one of the cards. Check out the full gallery below and try to avoid making any ball-related jokes. We know, it's nigh impossible.

Gallery: Bakugan (Wii and DS) | 13 Photos

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