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Nintendo reports fiscal year sales of 1.83 trillion yen


Though we normally reserve the word "trillion" for flippant exaggeration, we believe its use is quite serious in Nintendo's fiscal report, explaining how it fared during the year ended March 31, 2009. In a few words: very well. In a few figures?

1.83 trillion yen ($18.55 billion), 555 billion yen ($5.63 billion) and 279 billion yen ($2.83 billion). That would be sales, operating profit and then net profit, all marking increases over last year's results. Indeed, Nintendo states that sales rose by 9.9 percent, with operating profit up 14 percent and net profit up 8.5 percent. During the period, 26 million Wii units are said to have been sold, trumped by an impressive 31 million DS systems -- the combined software units for both platforms totalled 401 million units (almost a 50/50 split!).

As for the coming fiscal year, Nintendo predicts to shift another 26 million Wiis (along with 220 million pieces of software), 30 million DS units and a further 180 million units of DS software. The only bad news in all of this is that we're unable to travel back in time and show this information to our past, post-N64 selves.

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