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T-Mobile's HTC Touch wannabe, the Vairy Touch, gets handled

Chris Ziegler

Yeah, it may be a dead ringer for the original HTC Touch, but the ZTE-sourced Orange Vegas / T-Mobile Vairy Touch has at least one thing going for it: it's dirt cheap. Mobil.vz's quick take of the full touchscreen handset points out that it runs just 1,500 koruny (about $75) and slaps a totally original user interface on a totally familiar body. Touchscreen accuracy is apparently quite good, though it takes quite a bit of pressure to activate -- an all-too-common problem with low-end resistive displays -- and the stylus sucks, but the browser's surprisingly good and the whole package is tiny and light. The reviewer ends up seeming almost bummed that the phone isn't offered by any Czech carriers, so we suppose it could be a decent choice for what it is -- just don't expect to see a WinMo startup screen when you flip the switch.

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