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Trinity Universe coming to PS3, combines Atelier and Disgaea in 3D RPG


Cross Edge hasn't seen a US release yet, but that's not stopping Nippon Ichi from making yet another crossover RPG exclusively for the PS3. Trinity Universe combines the Atelier and Disgaea universes, but in a refreshing twist for NIS, is presented in full 3D. In fact, this will be the first time you'll see Etna and Prinny as non-sprite characters.

Siliconera notes that the combat is similar to Xenogears, with skills assigned to three different action buttons. Players will also have to keep a close eye on time and destroy "gravitation fields" in dungeons before it's too late. Idea Factory is publishing the game in Japan this August. It's expected NIS America will announce the game for US release at their press event tomorrow.

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