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Ericsson CEO: Sony would make "logical buyer" for its stake in Sony Ericsson

Chris Ziegler

In an interview with the Financial Times this week, Ericsson chief Carl-Henric Svanberg reiterated his earlier stance that the company can and would inject capital into its Sony Ericsson joint venture if absolutely necessary -- an overture Sony is currently making, too. More interestingly, though, he casually tossed out that Sony would be a "logical buyer" for Ericsson's share of the firm, which we suppose makes sense since... you know, they already own half of the thing and their name's on the brand and all. That said, there seems to be no indication that a deal is imminent, but with Sony Ericsson's future and finances in as much doubt as they've ever been it's interesting to know that everyone's keeping all options on the table.

[Via Mobile Burn]

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