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Laid-off 3D Realms staff reveal Duke Nukem Forever concept art

Having just lost their positions at 3D Realms, artists Chris Smith, Trammell Issac and Layne Johnson have created new blogs to show off their previous work in search of a new industry gig. Included on all three blogs are concept art, renders and pretty much more than we've ever seen of Duke Nukem Forever. Just prior to press time, Chris Smith's blog was taken offline, but the images were saved and can be viewed in the gallery below.

If 3D Realms closing its doors proved anything, it was that Duke Nukem Forever's 13-year development odyssey really was happening all along. Unfortunately, since the house that built Duke has closed up shop, the '90s hero's latest adventure will tentatively be referred to as Duke Nukem For-Never... until someone else gets crazy enough to take over development.

Gallery: Duke Nukem Forever - Chris Smith Unreleased Concept Art | 27 Photos


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