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New Need for Speed: Shift screens and video [update]

Kevin Kelly

Need for Speed: Shift was announced back in January, and Randy spent some hands-on time with the title in March. At yesterday's EA event we got some new screens and a video, and it shows off the world you'll see while locked in the cockpit. The game still doesn't feature an external view of your car while racing, but the demo we saw upped the ante on your view from the cockpit.

You'll now be battling G-forces and perspective shifts that are meant to mimic the way a driver's head actually moves in a high-speed race, and they've ratcheted the physics up several notches to make those first-person crashes seem a lot more realistic. EA also claims to have tweaked the AI, so the other racers won't be piling willy-nilly into turns ... which is real bummer, since we like to use them as "padding."

Need for Speed: Shift will feature over 60 licensed cars and maintain the minute details of car-tuning that some people can't live without. The game races onto shelves in September -- check out the new screens below!

UPDATE: While only caught the in-car view at the EA event, it does offer more viewing modes. We'd lost that in how much they were putting an emphasis on the cockpit cam. The game will also feature a chase cam, hood cam, and bumper cam.

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