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One Shots: Time to party!

There's something to be said for successfully defending your home from the invading hordes of Destruction in Warhammer Online. Aside from just the knowledge that you've played hard and fought well, there's the inevitable bragging rights - and the chance at some tasty goodies too! Today's Warhammer Online One Shots comes in to us from Rumil Silverdawn, a Swordmaster from the guild Prophecy on the Phoenix Throne server. Rumil writes in: Here's a screen of me and a few of my Order friends after a successful fortress defense. As you can tell it was quite a party with the loot chest being the guest of honor! (You can't see it but it's in there amongst all the bodies.) Oh and as a shout out to all the Destro... Thanks for the RPs!!

If you've got a moment of smacktalking you'd like to pass on, feel free to email it (along with a good battle shot!) to oneshots AT massively DOT com along with your name and the name of the game. We'll post it here and relay the taunt - but we make no guarantees you won't get dogpiled by the other side for it.

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