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Trophies: ZEN Pinball


Four pinball tables, four Trophies to earn in each. Are you ready for some ZEN Pinball?

Silver Trophies
Monkey Wrench
Fully upgrade one of the parts!
Master Mind
Activate the Teleforce by completing all of the other experiments!
Skilled Adventurer
Complete all Adventures!
Rule the tribe by summoning all of the natural disasters!
World Warrior Champion
Defeat the evil crime boss!

Bronze Trophies
Nitro Booster
Lock one ball in the Nitro Tank!
Turbo Charger
Start the Turbo speed mode!
Feed a ball into all of the cylinders for Manifold Upgrade!
Spin the dynamo spinner 25 times with one shot!
Crazy Money
Secure at least 500,000 points in Funding Hurry-up mode!
Tesla Coil
Make 10 coil ramp shots with one ball!
Find the Extra Ball site during an excavation!
Lucky Day
Survive the Giant Boulder ramp!
Treasure Hunter
Collect 3 Quartz Skulls!
Activate any of the magic spinners during any game mode!
Doom Bringer
Summon a disaster for the unbelievers!
Spirit of the Wilderness
Make a Super Combo!
Thunder Kick
Win an Extra Ball with the barrel breaker competition!
Hammer Hand
Destroy the wall with a devastating punch!
Win a Fight!

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