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Arrested Army game protester writes up her experience


In an op-ed piece written just one day after the events transpired, Elaine Brower details the actions taken by her and a group of over 300 others last week at a protest in Philadelphia. She and the group of protesters claim to be outraged at the existence of the "Army Experience Center" in the Franklin Mills Mall, a facility which allows folks aged 13 and up to get their hands on PC and Xbox 360 consoles running an iteration of America's Army.

According to reports from GamePolitics (who "live Tweeted" the event, may we add), seven protesters (including Ms. Brower) donned "death masks" and were subsequently arrested after two warnings to remove the masks. In its report, GP states, "it seemed like the masked protesters planned to be locked up in order to make their point," something which seems a strong possibility -- especially when you watch the video of the events (that we've embedded for your viewing after the break).

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