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Sony Alpha 230, 330, and 380 DSLRs leak out a little early

Nilay Patel

We've been hearing vague murmurs of revised Sony Alpha DSLRs all week, but now we've got some actual proof: these shots of the new Alpha 230, 330, and 380 went up briefly on Sony's Russian website earlier today. The biggest improvements seem to be smaller cases, a revised interface, and HDMI out, but there's also a new "handbook" to help new users get started and a Bravia control mode that allows the camera to be controlled by your TVs remote while it's displaying pictures. A nice enough upgrade, but unless these are somehow super cheap we'd say the omission of a video mode is going keep most people focused on the Nikon D5000 and Canon T1i. Bigger screenshot with the full feature list at the read link.

[Via Photo Rumors]

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