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WRUP: Live long and Ulduar edition


There is a slight, very slight, chance that the WoW Insider crew is made up of a bunch of geeks. And while we're supposed to stay focused on the World of Warcraft, sometimes our geekiness draws us out of our virtual shell and into movie theaters or comic stores or other, more frightening non-virtual environments. That said, I think this week's responses speak for themselves.
  • Adam Holisky: OMFGSTARTREK.
  • Alex Ziebart: Waiting patiently for the winners of the fan art contest to check their e-mail and get back to me so I can announce the winners. Hint hint. Was I supposed to say Star Trek?
  • Allison Robert: /afk Star Trek.
  • Amanda Dean: Despite my Klingon tattoo, I will probably not be going to see Star Trek this weekend. We're a little bit behind the curve, but my plan is to achieve Sarth 1D on 25 man and 2D on 10. We still don't have Maly down, but we'll probably see that dragon dead on 10 man this weekend as well. For Pony!
  • Chase Christian: Ensign Chase, reporting for duty!
  • Dan O'Halloran: There will be Star Trek. Or there will be divorce.
  • Daniel Whitcomb: I am definitely watching Star Trek. Also, getting on track with Argent Tournament dailies again now that the Holiday rush is over.
  • Elizabeth Harper: I don't know about you guys, but I'm thinking about spending the weekend watching Star Trek over and over.
  • Matt Low: Star Trek.
  • Matthew Rossi: I'm probably just going to decouple the secondary matter infuser and use it to reverse the polarity on something, myself. Captain, the polarity is reversed but now I have to get to the ODM bypass in the Jeffries Tube. Instability is continuing in the antimatter containment field, so we may have to go to our backup plan and kill Yogg-Saron this weekend instead.
  • Michael Gray: My fiancee are going to a local waterfallish kind of place to go rock climbing and celebrate a Shetland Rogue's birthday. If we get some WoW time, the Arena beckons. [And, being unable to leave Trek jokes well enough alone...] Bolvar to the Alliance: I have been, and ever shall be, your friend. Live long and prosper.
  • Michael Sacco: Yogg-Saron and my four-piece Elemental bonus.
  • Nick Whelan: Watching Star Trek over and over.
  • Robin Torres: Star Trek and Mother's Day feasts.
  • Zach Yonzon: Boldly going where no man -- no one -- has gone before. Alright, that's not true, but I'm finally getting Battlemaster after abstaining from Alterac Valley for months because losing 9 out of every 10 makes one physically ill. And just like everyone else, I've got my phaser set to stun. All aboard the NCC-1701!
So tell us, readers (those of who aren't geeking out on Trek right now), what are you playing this weekend?

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