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Five new Global Agenda fansites to keep your eye on

Brooke Pilley

Hi-Rez Studios recently announced the winners of their Global Agenda fansite contest and taking the top prize is Agenda Source. All winners received beta keys for distribution on their sites and coupons for the Global Agenda Merchandise store, where you can make your own custom T-shirts.

Fansites have played an important role in the MMO community since the genre surfaced back in the late 1990's. They are great sources of game information and often even break news before official sources. Not only that, they're a great place for people to gather and chat about their favorite past time. EVE Online recently touted their blogging community, which is 235 strong. This batch of Global Agenda fansites were recognized for their "superior creative design, depth of content, and innovative use of community-building features."

Second place went to Global Agenda Mission Control, third to HexAgenda, fourth to The Global Agenda Wiki, and fifth to The Alliance of Agencies. Combined, these sites boast some great tools and features, including: a "What We Know" section, Q&A section, Twitter Feeds, RSS Feeds, forums, polls, IRC chat channels, and wiki. We recommend that you bookmark these sites now, especially if you want a chance at getting into beta!

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