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Monitor Audio Airstream 10 WiFi radio gets the hands on treatment


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While Monitor Audio's new Airstream 10 WiFi / DAB radio unfortunately isn't a radio inspired by a vintage Airstream trailer, it is nonetheless pretty eye catching in its own right, and fairly full featured as far as WiFi radios go. Apparently, the radio can either be stood upright or placed on its side, and it'll let you listen to some standard FM or DAB radio, or hop onto a network via WiFi or Ethernet to either stream some tunes off your Mac or PC or tune into some internet radio stations. What's more, while is apparently reserving final judgment for its full review, it does say that the sound quality doesn't disappoint, and it packs the usual 3.5mm jack to round out its options. Still no word on a DAB-less version for these parts, sadly, but those in the UK should be able to pick this one up starting in June.

[Via SlashGear]

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