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'Noob' among list of potential one-millionth English words, logic 'pwned'


Though we're just as befuddled as you likely are by the news, the UK's Daily Telegraph recently pointed out that at 10:22AM on June 10th, the English language officially inducts its one-millionth word. Still not befuddled? Candidates for this esteemed position are products of our social media-obsessed age: "defollow" and "defriend," each referring to the act of removing a friend or follower on popular social networking services Twitter and Facebook, respectively. Worse? The third "word" in contention for the position: "Noob."

We'll just let that sink in for a second. Back? Okay, so, according to The Global Language Monitor, words must be "used 25,000 times by media outlets, social networking websites and in other public sources" in order to be considered for official inclusion in the English language. If that number accounts for online multiplayer participants across PC and consoles, we're willing to bet that the word "noob" was used more than 25,000 times today alone. Here's hoping the misspelled portmanteau gets "pwned" by logic and doesn't end up as an official English word.

[Via VG247]

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