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Palm Pre retail box and materials leak out

Chris Ziegler

For staying as silent as they are about the product's details, Palm's doing an awfully good job of letting Pre rumors and speculation fly with wild, rampant abandon -- and we've got a new one here that should at least take you through the night. Actually, this one's less of a rumor and more a visual feast of reality: a retail (or near-retail) box complete with pack-ins has been spotted in the wild, where we learn once again that the device will definitely include a pouch among the usual assortment of odds and ends you normally expect to find with a phone (sadly, the Touchstone's still strictly a pricey add-on) -- and yes, the box looks pretty much like the one shown off at CES. Not as interesting as an actual Pre, we admit... but close. Check out a couple more shots after the break.

[Via Boy Genius Report and PreCentral]

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