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Sony's Stringer discusses PSN's 'open' expansion beyond PS3

Majed Athab
The PlayStation Network has come a long way since its inception back in late 2006. At first, it wasn't a major focal point for Sony in pushing the PS3 forward, but since then things have changed immensely. "We developed brand new, absolutely incredible technology for the PlayStation 3, but the cost was high. We've adopted a slightly different approach now, and are evolving the PS3 into a platform for web services," said Sony Corp. head honcho Sir Howard Stringer, speaking in an interview with Nikkei Electronics Asia.

Indeed, services such as the social network app PlayStation Home and the expansion of VOD content on the PlayStation Store reflects Sony's new strategy. "Sony has begun the transition from a closed system to an open one," stated Stringer. "Next we will be expanding the PlayStation Network to hardware other than the PS3, because the number of PS3 units sold puts a limit on the scale of the network possible." Of course, he refers to the PSP (which already features PSN connectivity) and -- most likely -- the rumored PSP2 as well (which looks to be solely dependent on PSN); however, does he also mean to say devices outside gaming could get the PSN treatment? Say, like, um, phones?

[Via Edge Online]

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