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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10: The video tour, PS3/360 edition

Kevin Kelly

EA just showered us with new Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 assets, including a bunch of new videos showing: new golfers Anthony Kim and Rocco Mediate; some of the new courses; and the new "Live Tournament" mode works. Open a window and try to inhale some of those whiffs of someone mowing the grass on a fairway somewhere, kick back, and take a swing at the videos after the break.

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The new Live Tournaments allow you to post your scores against other players on the net, or you can pit your scores against the pros during real PGA tournaments.
The new Practice Round feature lets you drop your ball anywhere on the course and have a whack at it.
Tiger Woods talks you through the courses in the game -- here's Hazeltine in Minnesota.
Game designer Travis Sailer talks about the course at Oakmont Country Club.
Sailer takes us through Pinehurst #2, one of the new courses.
Tiger Woods talks his way through Torrey Pines.
Anthony Kim is one of the new golfers in the game.
Rocco Mediate loves to give Tiger trouble, but apparently they're fast friends.

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