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Nintendo files US trademarks for Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver [update]


Update: We here at Joystiq are not perfect, and sometimes we're fooled. Sad to say, this has been one of those times, as some of the details you see around the net regarding Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver are false. Our good friend Serebii pointed this out to us, and we have removed the false information from this post. We apologize for the error, and are baking you a fresh batch of cookies right now to make up for it.

When Nintendo announced Pokémon Gold Heart and Soul Silver remakes, it was only a few days after that we caught a glimpse of some gameplay. Of course, the gameplay video didn't reveal anything on the game other than the ability to walk around, but we know trainers are still getting pumped for the remakes. Well, if you live in North America, prepare to be pumped out of your mind.

Nintendo is planning to bring both Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver your way, as some US trademarks Nintendo filed (courtesy of Siliconera) show. Sure, you probably had little doubt in your mind, considering how much Nintendo loves money, but we just thought you would like to know. Both Pokemon Heart Gold and Pokemon Soul Silver are listed, so turn your cap backwards and get ready to catch 'em all ... at an unconfirmed later date.

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