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German researchers show off steering wheel-mounted OLED


We've already seen OLED displays that promise to squeeze into a rearview mirror and other parts of a vehicle, and it looks like Germany's CARO research association has now found yet another place to stick one: right in the middle of the steering wheel. As you can see above, that would effectively replace the center emblem in the steering wheel (the gauges are just for show, apparently), which the researchers say would open up a whole host of new design possibilities for auto manufacturers -- for instance, having the center emblem light up when the door opens. They're also quick to point out that the thin nature of the OLED wouldn't affect the airbag, and power consumption would, of course, be at a minimum. As you might have guessed, however, there's no word on any automakers that have signed up just yet, although CARO does also have a new highly-readable, orange emitting OLED suitable for in-dash use for those looking to keep things a bit more conventional.

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