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Jerry Bruckheimer Games explodes onto scene, Halo 3 exec on board

Jason Dobson

MTV and Hollywood movie baron Jerry Bruckheimer made their union official this morning, lifting the 17-month shroud of secrecy off their joint venture, oh-so-creatively dubbed Jerry Bruckheimer Games. The new studio will be steered by former Microsoft exec and Halo 3 executive producer, Jim Veevaert, as the company's president of production. Veevaert will share the wheel with Jay Cohen, who joined the studio in March, his role now revealed as the company's president of development.

What Cohen and company will be developing exactly, however, remains a mystery, with the studio saying only that it will create original IPs that "convey and reflect the high standards of entertainment value set by Jerry Bruckheimer." For fans of shaky cams and explosions, one thing's for certain -- finally there's a studio out there with your best interests at heart.

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