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New Black Prophecy screens show cockpit views

James Egan

One of the trends we're seeing in the next gen of sci-fi massively multiplayer online games is the ability to shift to first-person cockpit views of the action in space. Black Prophecy from Reakktor Media is one of the upcoming sci-fi MMOs that will be gunning for your game time and which incorporates cockpit perspectives of flight. The title seems to be all about casual, drop-in fun, where you can move between third person and first person perspectives when piloting your ship in space, regardless of which race you're playing.

Reakktor Media released three images of Black Prophecy's cockpit views today, from the perspectives of the technologically superior Tyi, the biologically enhanced Genide, or that of a human. You can see them below the jump, or in higher res in our Black Prophecy gallery.

Gallery: Black Prophecy | 46 Photos

Tyi cockpit:

Human shuttle cockpit:

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