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Nokia E52 caught bumming around

Chris Ziegler

"Numeric keypad" and "industrial-strength email capabilities" may not be phrases that most folks associate with one another, but the Nokia E52 has a few things going for it: it's thin, it's sexy, it's got a battery that should last forever and a day, and hey -- let's not forget that some people can really burn rubber on T9. The recently-announced E51 successor (and E55 stablemate) has been caught doing its thing in the wild in a couple exciting colors, and we've got to say -- the phone's utterly malnourished appearance is killer, especially if your pockets are of the unstretching, unforgiving sort. Nokia's been consistently proving lately that it knows how to make world-class hardware, and we're hopeful from these early shots that the E52 won't be an exception.

[Thanks, Daniel]

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