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Rumor: New Kojima Productions project sneaking out in three days


According to a "cryptic email" sent to 1UP by a "source within Konami," Kojima Productions may be planning to announce ... something in three days. The email was titled "T - 3" and contained only a link to a currently unavailable page at the URL

If the information in this email -- or even the information about the email -- is accurate, it could be a hint about Zone of the Enders 3, which has evidently in Hideo Kojima's thoughts recently. It's got a 3 in it! But if we're speculating, we figure we might as well go for broke. Maybe it's a new Snatcher game! We never heard of anything coming out of the Kojima/Suda 51 "Project S" collaboration except for radio dramas -- the pair could still be working on more Snatcher-related material.

Other possibilities -- which we must include lest a Kojima post go by without mention of Metal Gear -- include the trademarked Metal Gear Solid arcade game, and, if it's a different project, "the next MGS." And let's not ignore the possibility that this isn't true.

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