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White DualShock 3 already in the US: Photo says yes, Sony says no


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We first saw evidence that Sony might be planning to expand the selection of DualShock 3 colors in the US last month, when retailer GameStop listed a silver version of the controller for release on June 24. Now we have a photo, via a tipster, of what's purportedly a US model of the white DualShock 3 already available in Japan -- purchased at a Wal-Mart in Florida. Henry, who sent in the photo, says it was the only one left at the store where he bought it. He also included additional pics showing the rest of the seemingly North American packaging, complete with bilingual English / French adorning the front and back.

Naturally, we got in touch with Sony to ask about this find ... and were told it doesn't exist. Specifically, when we inquired whether this was some sort of "stealth" release, an SCEA hardware PR rep told us, "We have no plans to release a white Dualshock 3." No plans? Did someone not get the memo, or, as our tipster suggests, accidentally ship out something that's not due to be announced until E3?

This is where you come in. If you spot a white, official first-party DualShock 3 in US packaging, send us a photo along with info on when and where you saw it. Better yet, if you find and buy one, send us a photo of the receipt, too. You know how to reach us.

[Thanks, Henry!]


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