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30 Rock passes along wise Sims parenting advice

Listen. We really wanted to make the focus of this post the humorous nod to EA and Maxis' life-emulator The Sims that was featured on last night's episode of 30 Rock. It's one of our favorite shows, making a reference to one of our most beloved franchises, and ... well, it actually teaches us a valuable lesson about parenting. You can check out Liz Lemon's sagacious suggestion on Hulu (it's around the 1:20 mark).

Yes, we'd love to focus on that, but unfortunately, we find it difficult to write about 30 Rock on our humble gaming blog without instead turning your attention to Werewolf Bar Mitzvah. If you've got time to watch both of these clips, please do -- if you only have time for one, it's hard for us to endorse anything except Tracy Jordan's lupine magnum opus.

[Via Kotaku]

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