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GameTap sitting on Panzer Dragoon Saga rights, Joystiq mobilizes masses [update]


Technically, the second half of that headline hasn't happend just yet. We're working on it though, so bear with us. Now, the news: According to GameTap general manager Sene Sorrow, GameTap has the rights to publish Sega's Panzer Dragoon Saga.

A little history lesson: Panzer Dragoon Saga received widespread critical acclaim but had a very limited release -- only 30,000 copies in the US -- making it one of the most sought after games out there. Even today, copies routinely sell for hundreds of dollars on eBay. Releasing the game on GameTap would finally give gamers everywhere a chance to play the game without having to explain the credit card bill to angry spouses.

The problem, apparently, is that GameTap doesn't see a pressing need to publish the title. GameTap operations lead Jake Armstrong told GameInsano, "It's a good game and a very rare title, so there would be a definite cool factor in getting it out there, but there would be other emulation efforts I would think we would want to work on first."

GameTap wants to know what its audience thinks about it though, so feel free to take part in our poll below and let the bigwigs know that you want Panzer Dragoon Saga. While you're at it, go ahead and send an email to Sorrow and make your feelings known: sene [at] gametap [dawt] com.

We've contacted GameTap and will update this post with any new information.

Update: Joystiq has received a response from GameTap regarding the status of Panzer Dragoon Saga. Click here to read all about it and see how you can help Panzer Dragoon Saga appear on GameTap.


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