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Stride Gum ponying up 40,004 quarters for a Wiebe win


We've known for a good while now that Billy Mitchell's arch enemy, Steve Wiebe (our hero!), would be competing for another Donkey Kong world record at E3. What we didn't know was that Stride Gum would be investing $10,001 in quarters -- and a year's supply of "the world's longest lasting gum" -- if the star of King of Kong can accomplish the task.

The official statement from Stride says, "Reward will be paid provided Wiebe successfully beats Billy Mitchell's current record of 1,050,200 during a single game of Donkey Kong at E3 2009." We'll be there, cheering him on and giving Walter Day high fives in the background. If we see a kill screen, we'll be sure to tell everyone that we possibly can within the immediate vicinity. Would you expect any less?

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