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Activision enlists United Front Games for new action property


Vancouver-based United Front Games announced today that it is developing "a new action-based game set in Hong Kong" for Activision. The studio, founded in 2007, is comprised of former staffers from EA Black Box, Rockstar, Action Pants, Propaganda Games, Radical Entertainment and Next Level Games. The untitled Activision project will be the Canadian studio's first shipped game.

In a release, United Front Games general manager, Stefan Wessels, said, "We have assembled industry talent from around the world, who have worked in senior positions on renowned titles such as the Need for Speed series, SKATE, Bully, Scarface, Godfather, Hulk, Spore and the NHL Sports franchise." Wessels himself was producer of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 while at EA Black Box, and stated that the company has "enormous expectations of ourselves." With a resume like that, we'd certainly say so. Hopefully we'll find out what the developer has been, er ... developing for the past two years during E3.

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