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America gets not-special Limited Edition Dissidia PSP bundle

Jem Alexander

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Square Enix loves bundling its PSP games with hardware. It's the company's way of single-handedly getting more systems into the wild so that more people will buy its next game -- and there's always a "next game." Strangely, these bundles tend to be more common in Japan and Europe, but not anymore. The PlayStation Blog has just announced that a Dissidia bundle is headed to the US of A, exclusive to Gamestop.

For $199.99 your new Dissidia bundle, available on August 25, will contain a copy of Dissidia, a copy of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, a 2GB memory stick and a special branded Dissidia PSP-3000. Oh, wait -- it's just a bog standard Mystic Silver system. Where's the limited edition Dissidia unit that was available in Japan? Oh well, if Crisis Core is anything to go by, Europe will probably get it when it finally releases there in the year 2051.


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