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eSoles record foot pressure, not Inner City Pressure

Darren Murph

The city is alive, the city is expanding, and we all know that living in the city can be demanding. But when lyrics from Jemaine and Bret just can't get you through the day, there's always eSoles -- er, something like that. At any rate, the aforesaid startup has developed specialized shoe insoles that are laced with pressure sensors (11 to be exact), all of which can communicate wirelessly with a nearby cellphone in order to provide real time analysis of one's step. In theory, these devices would enable athletes such as bikers and golfers to better understand how to position their feet in order to maximize performance. Founder Glen Hinshaw has stated that he hopes to have the product available in trial form by July, with full commercialization happening later this year. The pain? Around $300 to start, but he's hoping to bring that closer to $50 when production ramps up.

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