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GameDaily BIZ writers part with AOL, become


The business writers of AOL GameDaily BIZ have set up shop at The new site was created in partnership with Hammersuit LLC, which also has ties to and AOL states it will no longer provide the GameDaily BIZ newsletter as of May 31. GameDaily will continue on its editorial path -- we'd give you the Top 10 ways it'll do that, but we simply don't have the time.

Editor-in-Chief and co-founder of IndustryGamers James Brightman, who was the business editor at GD biz, told us when contacted for comment, "GameDaily's consumer division took a left turn, we're taking a right one. I'm sad to see GameDaily BIZ go away, but I'm thrilled to enter this new chapter of my career with IndustryGamers." When asked if he'd be doing the same work at IG that he had at GD biz, he stated, "Our focus at IG is very similar GameDaily BIZ, but we're looking to add some opinion and research into the mix."

Brightman plans to continue something similar to the GD biz newsletter at IG. Those interested can sign up at the new website now.

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