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Han Solo smuggles his way into Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings

Dear Mr. Lucas,

Despite certain ... differences we may have had in the past, we still remain amongst your loyal throng of followers. As such, we were hoping you could impart some of your potent wisdom unto us regarding the upcoming fedora-fitted Wii/DS/PS2/PSP title, Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings. See, a recent video from shows us a fairly sizable, though incomprehensible Easter egg -- intergalactic smuggler extraordinaire Han Solo will be playable in the game.

Yes, Mr. Lucas, it is neat -- but we need to know how it's possible. Don't feign ignorance. We know you don't let non-canonical events relating to your timeless empires slip into your licensed products. Seriously, give us something. The Millennium Falcon slipped into a time vortex? Mr. Solo is, in fact, an immortal Time-God? Harrison Ford is the Highlander? We know you know. Spill the beans, George. You owe us that much.


[Via VideoGamer]

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