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iUnika Gyy netbook weighs 1.5 pounds, will cost $176

Nilay Patel

Hey, remember the $199 Impulse TNX-9500, the "world's cheapest laptop?" Yeah, it was just the beginning. Say hello to the iUnika Gyy, which manages to shave its price down to €130 ($176) by using a slower 400MHz MIPS processor and ditching that costly XP license for Linux. Yeah, it'll run like a dog. On the other hand, just like the Impulse there's something delightfully appealing about a el-cheapo laptop that weigh just 1.5 pounds, and if the company manages to produce its promised €160 ($220) solar-powered version, we could totally find ourselves picking one up on a whim. We'll see -- it's due in July. One more pic after the break.

[Via Engadget Spanish; images courtesy of hoyTecnología]

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