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Konami posts record sales for previous fiscal year

Never, ever doubt the interminable power of a long-running football franchise or the appeal of mustachioed super spies. Konami just posted its sales figures for this past fiscal year (ending March 31, 2009), and it certainly seems it'll have an achievement worthy of hanging on mom's fridge. The company's total sales for the year reached a record sum of 309,771 million yen (or $3.25 billion, £2.15 billion), a year-over-year increase of 4.2 percent.

Konami's net income actually fell 40.7 percent from last year, though its Digital Entertainment division (you know, the one that makes games) actually did quite well on its own -- it's operating revenue increased 123.4 percent for a total of 3,447 million yen last year. Allow us to convert that for you: It's a freaking ton of $s and £s.

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